June 12, 2014

Iranian Dissident Marina Nemat Speaks Out Against Boko Haram And Iranian Regime

Yes! I'm glad she's speaking out. Iran is an Islamic Theocracy ruled by their very oppressive sharia law and by the way so is the absolute Monarchy of Saudi Arabia and many other Middle East nations. :/

I typed a transcript below for my readers who can't view the video and those who need to translate.

Iranian torture victim Marina Nemat: "You have heard what Boko Haram has done to Nigerian teenagers [kidnapping more than 200 girls]. This happened on April 14th and it took the media 3 weeks to cover this story. I was fuming on online on Facebook talking to Amnesty International here and there trying to get to my journalist friends Michelle Shepherd at the Star she was instrumental to bring this story to life. It took a lot of effort. 

It amazed me that in the 1980s, in Iran, the government of Iran did—on a massive scale—what Boko Haram is doing right now. They took me and my friends out of our mothers’ arms at the ages of 15, 16, 17, even 13, and took us to Evin prison. They tied us to bare wooden beds and they beat us to a pulp. They put many of us in front of firing squads. I was forced to marry my interrogator. It was their way of legalizing rape. And this happened not only to me, not only to 50, not only to 200, not only to a 1,000, but at least to about 40,000 young women.

And I'm here today in front of you about 30 years later and I beg of you one thing: Please acknowledge us, please speak out against such atrocity that is taking the lives and the dignity of young women, not only in Nigeria, but in many countries around the globe including in the Islamic Republic of Iran. The people of Iran are hostages of their own government. Please by acknowledging us, by talking about this, by giving it value. Please keep it alive. And please stand in the way of the Iranian regime. It is not only the nuclear bomb that is an issue. It is an issue, don't get me wrong. But if we are negotiating with Iran. If the United States for example and other countries are negotiating with Iran, I beg of them to put human rights in the front and center.

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