June 20, 2014

AUSTRALIA: Australia Goes Into Terror Lockdown: Spy Agencies And Customs Will Lock Down Borders To Potential Jihadists. Meanwhile, Obama Is Non-Stop Fundraising And Golfing.

These Muslim Brotherhood Islamist militants have been flocking to Syria and Iraq from all over the world as soon as the Islamist global caliphate signal was made. Even from the United States. As if they were all waiting to take off their fake peaceful religion mask. Now the world can see who they really are and how they intend to spread Islamic Supremacy worldwide. The global Islamic call came from Bergdahl's father at the White House standing next to a smiling President Obama.

From Saudi Wahhabi Islam
to the Muslim Brotherhood
The History of the Muslim Brotherhood is the key to understanding today's Islamic war against the West, Infidels (non-Muslims) worldwide and Muslims who don't practice Islamic Sharia Law. The Muslim Brotherhood uses Islamist militants to overthrow poor, vulnerable, corrupt countries, slaughter all non-Muslims (mostly Christians) who refuse to submit to Islam and then impose Islamic Sharia Law on the nation. The Muslim Brotherhood operates differently in the West, which includes European nations and the United States. They use our legal system to accommodate (impose) Islamic Sharia Law by either putting Muslim Brotherhood people in political office or sue businesses. 
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The Daily Telegraph, Australia
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Thursday June 19, 2014

AN unprecedented security intelligence-sharing arrangement between spy agencies and customs will lock down Australia’s borders to ­potential jihadists either trying to return to Australia or leave our shores to join Syrian and Iraqi terror groups.

The Daily Telegraph understands customs officials will be given higher-level intelligence briefs in the wake of the failure that enabled convicted Sydney terrorist Khaled Sharrouf to slip out of the country last year using his brother’s passport.

An urgent review initiated by Immigration Minister Scott Morrison and Attorney-General George Brandis ­following the border blunder, known as the Cousins’ review, is believed to have found holes in the security net from the airport barrier all the way up to ASIO.

The Daily Telegraph yesterday revealed Sharrouf, a convicted terrorist from south-western Sydney, is in Iraq with the militant group ISIL, which is trying to overthrow the Iraqi government.

Yesterday Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the border protection agencies were on high alert for up to 150 Australians believed to be fighting in either Syria or Iraq seeking to return to Australia and for associates trying to leave Australia to join them.

More than 50 passports had been cancelled, the Daily Telegraph revealed yesterday.

But a draft report of the Cousins’ review is believed to have uncovered a 9/11 “silo mentality” scenario in ­Australia — a reference to US intelligence failures uncovered after 9/11 — where vital intelligence which could have stopped Sharrouf at the gate was not shared.

Senior government sources revealed new intelligence-sharing arrangements were being rolled out to ­ensure customs officers at airport gates had greater ­access to data that could help them identify ­people on watch lists.

Mr Morrison said the Sharrouf incident had been “an early wake-up call” that had exposed weaknesses in the chain, which were now being addressed.

He said the government was also “rebuilding capacity” into the system after budget cuts to customs under the ­previous government of ­almost $700 million.

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