May 31, 2014

Hope You're All Having A Wonderfully Lighthearted Weekend. Take A Break, Laugh A Little, Have Fun. Cheers! :) ♥

I'm watching Superman (1978), birth name Kal-El, again. I wanted to share these profound words with you by Marlon Brando as Jor-El.

♥ I believe in us, the human race. ♥

My other favorite scene. Lois Lane's thoughts as she's flying with Superman...♥
This is a picture of me right now au naturel at home in my comfy jammies watching my favorite movies. Hope you're all having a wonderfully lighthearted weekend. Take a break, laugh a little, have fun doing whatever it is that put's a great big smile on your face. Cheers! :) ♥

I love that they keep playing the original Superman movies p1-4 for the new generation. I hope it inspires new fans.

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