May 22, 2014

USA: North Carolina Mother And Sons Charged In Human Trafficking aka Slavery Investigation

written by Staff
Wednesday May 21, 2014

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. - The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a mother and her sons in connection with a human trafficking investigation.

During the human trafficking investigation, the sheriff’s office was also issuing a simultaneous search warrant for a house where a sex offender was living. The sex offender failed to register his true address.

Deputies arrested Delicia Antoniette McKoy, 43, a registered Nurse, and her son Patrick Eugene McKoy, 24, of the 2500 block of Bel Aire Street, and charged them with human trafficking of a child victim, sexual servitude of a child victim and promoting the prostitution of a minor.

Delicia McKoy is also charged with a second count of promoting the prostitution of a child.

The convicted sex offender, Tullous Kenyard Burrow, has been arrested on failing to give proper registration and to abide by the sex offender registration law as a separate offense.

Burrow had falsely registered that he was living at 750 Wedgelawn Way, but was discovered to have been residing at 538 Hilliard Drive

An FBI agent saw the registration and reported it to the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office. The sheriff’s office then obtained a search warrant for the Hilliard Drive address where Burrow was arrested on the sex offender registration crime.

At the time, Burrow had pending charges against him for maintaining a place for prostitution.

An investigation into the human trafficking operation also led to the Hilliard Drive residence and to separate search warrants for that address, although not directly related to Burrow.

The sheriff’s office is still investigating the human trafficking crimes.

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