May 27, 2014

USA: Jewish Scholar: MSNBC Host Touré Neblett Comment ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Anti-Semitic’; MSNBC's Toure: Holocaust Survivors Were Not The Victims Of Racism, Bigotry, And Hate. They Were Beneficiaries.

Free Beacon
written by Staff
Tuesday May 27, 2014

MSNBC host Toure is under fire for a tweet that human rights activists called anti-Semitic and a desecration of the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust.

Responding to a Twitter user who recounted his family’s survival from concentration camps and immigration to the United States, Toure responded: “The power of whiteness.”

The remark sparked torrents of angry comments on Twitter and led the Simon Wiesenthal Center to accuse Toure of “reverse-racism” and “disgusting anti-Semitism.”
I don't think this should be referred to as "reverse-racism. Racism is racism no matter who is committing it. There is nothing reverse about it. Ethnic groups do not have a claim on the word "racism", therefore no need to reverse. Ethnic groups are guilty of racism too. Racism is when a person shows hatred and disgust toward another race or people from another race. Well, I have been witnessing a lot of hatred and disgust coming from ethnic people toward any person that is considered white. So, Toure' and other ilk like him are flat out "racist". Black supremacist are no different from White supremacist.
(emphasis mine)
“It’s obviously absurd and smacks of intense and disgusting anti-Semitism. It’s reverse-racism basically,” Efraim Zuroff, Israel office director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center told the Blaze.

“There is no question that part of the anti-Semitism that we see has its roots in the form of jealousy. This is a perfect example: ‘Jews made it because they’re white and Jews,’” Zuroff said.

Both Toure and MSNBC have yet to respond to the controversy.
Best of Cain
written by Robert Laurie
Tuesday May 27, 2014

Survived and had a good life? You can thank your "white privilege."

By now, we all understand that MSNBC - the liberal progressive network of record - is overflowing with kooks, crackpots, and abject racists. You'd think that, after years of insanity dribbling from the mouths of people like Martin Bashir, Al Sharpton, and Melissa Harris Perry, it would be impossible to reach a new low. After all, these people will say, or do, anything to advance their imbecilic ideology. Eventually, it would almost seem that they’d have to hit rock bottom.

As Toure' proved this weekend, they haven't gotten there yet.

The fracas began when Toure' posted a link to one of his colleagues, who'd written yet another in a seemingly endless line of "white privilege" polemics. He was called out by someone whose family had survived the holocaust, emigrated to the United States, and built a life on nothing but willpower.
@Toure My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work. #SORRYFORBEINGWHITETHOUGHYOUGUYS

— Dat's Racis' (.com) (@hope_and_chains) May 23, 2014
Toure' responded in his typical, flippant, faux-erudite fashion.
The power of whiteness: RT @hope_and_chains: My family survived a concentration camp, came to the US w/ nothing, LEGALLY, and made it work.

— Touré (@Toure) May 23, 2014
"The power of whiteness."

See what he did there? With a wave of his hand, he dismissed the stories of hundreds of thousands of holocaust survivors as nothing more than a prelude to his self-serving war against the non-existent boogeyman known as "white privilege."

What he's really saying is: "If you survived the camps, came to America, and managed to thrive, big deal. You owe your success to rampant racism." The fact that you managed to survive and excel is not a result of your perseverance and your hard work. Instead, it was derived from the color of your skin.

Toure' has managed to reduce the most horrific episode in human history - and it's 60 year aftermath - to nothing more than a talking point to be stored in his race-baiter's arsenal.

He has neither apologized nor deleted the tweet, and we hope he never does. This needs to stay up, so it can serve as the primary example of the staggering hubris inherent to his myopic crusade. Plus, it draws the crazies to his side.

Check out this reply from a University of Maryland history professor.
@Toure @hope_and_chains That was a great response, and it highlights how White ethnics, including Jews, became White after WWII. #Whiteness

— Donald Earl Collins (@decollins1969) May 23, 2014
Even the progs over at Media Matters took a break from obssesively tweeting about Fox News and chimed in:
i guess there are some out there who dont like to think that a holocaust survivor had a leg up over a black/brown person due to skin color

— Oliver Willis (@owillis) May 24, 2014

Remember, holocaust survivors. According to the left wing brain trust, you were not the victims of racism, bigotry, and hate. You were beneficiaries.

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